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1. Wonder Woman is entirely plausible as a character. ENTIRELY.

B. Nowhere in the Bible does it say even one renegade angel fell. I could go on about this for hours and my gift to you, as a fan of this site, is that I won't. However, the tradition of that falling angel is usually accompanied by a bunch of angels on his side also being cast out, like henchmen in the old Batman TV show, wearing black turtlenecks that say "Bad Angel No. 2" and "Bad Angel No. 3." So that makes one thing about Ghost Rider that is not inherently wrong just for existing.

(Unless you're right that this storyline would offend hardline angel-lovers. That would be cool, too. That's always a fun tree to shake.)

Hi Guy....!

So, I'm gonna pull my Jew card and slap it right on the table and say, I don't really know anything about the story of hell and fallen angels and all that Jazz, because we Jews don't grow up with the whole Hell concept. (AND to top that, I didn't grow up with so much Jew-y-ness either). Somewhere along the scholastic lines, maybe in a bit of World Civ. splashed with Art History, I heard tell of the whole Lucifer thing. Oy vey! Shalom!

As always, its great to hear from you. Thanks for commenting.
(And.....do you know where I could get my hands on an Bad Angel No. 1 turtleneck? I mean, for Tucker...not for me. )

Christians get that one wrong all the time, too. You'd be amazed at how many people get all fevered about a long, old book full of archaic language and ideas that they've never even read. Insert Tolkein joke here.

If you're gonna play Batman Henchman Dressup, you also need to put him in a little black beret or knit cap, and a black mask like a blindfold with eyes cut out, you know? And give him a nickname like "Inky" or "Chuckles." And suddenly your shiny new marriage is a lot stranger than either of you may have bargained for ...

Perhaps this series is of the devil...and I am quite, quite serious.

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