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psst...that's the Spectre on the cover of Final Crisis Revelations, not Libra.

Yeah, there's two covers. I hadn't grabbed the other one yet, the red band cover that has Libra. Good catch, I was going to change it when I got a chance to find a different image.

It's changed now, thanks to comicsvine. DC and Newsarama didn't want the world to see the red band.

I'm holding out for "Alexander Pope devotee removes the afterbirth."

The Skrulls haven't actually replaced all those people (Tony Stark and Reed Richards are among the talking heads) they just wiped out all of Earth's communication technology and are using familiar faces to sell their occupation.

I came away with a different impression, that some Skrulls were placed in those identities as well as adopting familiar faces, but I imagine that the way you describe it is probably more accurate. Either way, it's boring to me that something like the original plot (with the secret replacements, dating the invasion back to the beginning of new avengers and such) has become something so willfully lazy and generic. It's as if all the intelligence and subterfuge has gone under the truck, as now it's time for the Skrulls to behave exactly the same as they always have, by showing up in thinly veiled Normandy-style spaceships for a ground attack. There's this idea, this clever idea that makes for interesting stuff (like the Captain Marvel character) that's thrown away for the sake of another pointless fight that was done better the first 90 times Kirby and Lee did it.

It doesn't help that the cross-overs are all doing the same riff, and it helps even less when the creators drop in a dps like the Cruise/Oprah one that points to them knowing, and then ignoring, a direction that wouldn't have read like so much teenage bullshit. We've gone down this road a million times. There's no good reason to go down it again, to have it cost 4 dollars, and for it to be from people who have already proven they can do innovative, different stuff with the same old spandex toys.

IIRC, the craze for zombie movies in Italy c. 1980 spawned a secondary craze for cannibal movies, since the main appeal of zombie movies to Italians during that time was apparently the eating of human flesh. I've always said that the current comics industry resembles Italy c. 1980, so it goes without saying that a deluge of cannibal comics is inevitable.

I'm totally fine with what you're describing. I'll go so far as to say that I am now excited, and will be crushed if I haven't seen Power Girl gnaw off Red Arrow's arms by next Easter.

The thing is, some of those were erotic cannibal movies. Or maybe I'm just making that up, or getting this confused with the fact that some of those zombie/cannibal directors also directed films in the Emmanuel series. If I'm wrong, this gives comics the chance to be on the cutting edge of entertainment trends again.

Dick - It's actually the other way... the cannibal subgenre was partially spun off from the Italian phenomenon of the 'mondo' movie, largely faked travelogues heavy on vivid and exploitive scenes... a lot of the vintage cannibal films of the period are still kinda notorious today because they adopted the mondo motif of actually killing animals on-camera to add realism to the setting... then Dario Argento recut Dawn of the Dead and it went off like a bomb and the cannibal subgenre kinda wound up flowing into the zombie subgenre, although the two existed concurrently for a while...

And yes, the world really did enjoy the likes of Emanuelle and the Last Cannibals, from Italian hero Joe D'Amato; his other famous Emanuelle (note the single 'm' for legal reasons) epic, Emanuelle in America, was one of the inspirations for Videodrome...

"Eventually there will be a mini-series like this--connected to nothing but some old school Marvel archives--that's pretty great, that's different and wild, and hopefully it'll find an audience."

That already happened; it was called Agents of Atlas.

So Jog: Is the Dario Argento recut the one called Zombi that has the score by Goblin? That's a heroic piece of music right there. Emanuelle in America. I sort of watched that with my mom. In that she wouldn't stop knocking on the door.

And Matt: Agents of Atlas doesn't count. I'm only interested in comics that are popular. Sales are the barometer I judge the quality and interest of all comics on.

Yeah, Argento titled his recut of Romero Zombi (and added Goblin); the Italian title of Lucio Fulci's famous subsequent work was Zombi 2 (not that it was a sequel in any way), which now goes by the North American title of simply Zombie, though I've always liked the UK title of Zombie Flesh Eaters... more kick to that...

"despite the fact that Thor is most awesome when Thor talks really ridiculously and beats the shit out of stuff and other people with his hammer."

In a weird bit of synergy, Fraction is writing a mini-series *exactly* like that and it is awesome. It's just Thor talking goofy and beating the shit out of everything with his hammer. Kinda like a happy hardcore Village People.

I shoulda waited until I read the whole column...oh well....

Your Inhumans review is right on! I agree whole-heartedly that the only good Inhumans comic is one where Lockjaw is the only Inhuman and he's also kicking shit up by biting people and ramming his pitchfork up their ass.

Your Secret Invasion review...it's not so much nitpicking, it's more like...well, yeah, the comic is offensively stupid. But it's kinda like Bad Boys 2, you're not going for the plot, you're going for the explosions and stuff. In this case, stuff means aliens getting their head kicked in. To be on par with Bad Boys 2, though, it would need Lockjaw and Thor teaming up to kick shit together and not delivering babies in the MidWest.

Now I want a comic with Thor talking funny and riding Lockjaw into battle as Lockjaw rams his pitchfork up the ass of anything in his way. "Where dost Lockjaw goeth?"

Yeah, I checked out the Fraction Thor, and it didn't really click with me. I think I'm more of a fan of him when he's the only funny talker, and the people he smacks with his hammer are just regular people. I don't understand why I can't just have a Thor comic where he fights low-level street crime. I'd like to see him wandering around in Boise or Wichita attacking random car thieves.

Secret Invasion just rides the fence of action. It should be more like that Sinestro Corps thing, where it was just non-stop shitkicking for 10 issues, or it should be some really intrigue-heavy decepta-fest. It's half-ass on both. I'd love it if it was Bad Boys 2, and they were fighting the Klan and throwing boats at each other--this is more like a straight-to-video Bad Boys 3, where it's the same actors, same director, but the budget was cut to 20 grand. It's not about being stupid or dumb. It's about being lazy.

Lockjaw does kind of make everything okay though.

Oh, snap! That hurts. But Agents of Atlas was popular enough to spawn an upcoming sequel/ongoing series. That's got to count for something.

Ooh! Oh! What about Nextwave? Although that could also be considered unpopular, since it got canceled and everything.

I did like Nextwave, but mostly because of the robot hanging with the old lady.

Ah yes. Is D'Amato the one who directed Buio Omega? IMDB says yes, I see. I've always wanted to see that, but never worked up the gumption to actually do it. I've also always wanted to see the European cut of Dawn of the Dead, mostly because Goblin makes everything better.

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