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I didn't like Superman Beyond on the first read. I am not exactly sure what the hell I missed in the first read, but a few hours later I gave it another read and everything just fell into place a lot neater. Morrison's writing is still taking a turn for the 'not as good' though; for instance, the purple prose that was great in Seven Soldiers just reads clumsy in some panels here.

I will say that I'm in that minority of people who get horrible headaches from 3-D, so I think I'm done with cardboard Superman armor spectacles. But I'll probably give it another go myself, if only because I'm interested in reading it along with one of those "annotations" style blog entries that are getting so popular for Final Crisis books.

I think the eyeball violence you refer to is from Crime Does Not Pay, which is actually a Fox comic. I wouldn't even bring this up if my wife, of all people, hadn't reminded me of this. She seems to really like that Best Crime Comics anthology, especially the Torpedo 1936 stuff. Not a development I had foreseen.

When I reread it I did it without the glasses. I know they are just crappy pieces of cardboard with colored cellophane in the middle, so I shouldn't expect anything orthopedic about them, but it's almost like they design them to be as uncomfortable as possible.

Brian Wood is upset with you: http://jasonaaron.org/viewtopic.php?t=663

I dunno, honestly, I'm trying to get your back here but I think I'm right in saying you generally quite like his stuff? Judging by your Economist runthroughs I'm to yr left, and I find his proselytising terribly offputting.

Yeah, I had to guess on that one. I've got a reprint of that eyeball kid comic, but it's somewhat inaccessible.

Yeah, the cardboard is irritating, but it's the actual 3-D thing that gets me. Nina said it's because i'm colorblind. But she says a lot of things.

I like his stuff. I thought that issue of DMZ, the early "Ghosts" issue was one of the best comics I read that year. He knows that. He's linked here multiple times before when the response to his stuff is positive. He had his chance to tell me that I was ruining comics criticism when he met me and my wife at Mocca. Instead he just said "thanks a lot" for liking the comics, and then he said "thanks a lot" again when we went and sat through his presentation on New York 4. Whatever. Some people just want you to jack off all over them all the time.

Hey Duncan, I wasn't ever upset with Tucker.

And Tucker, I honestly don't want you jack off on me, please! :) I felt kind of bad singling you out, but I felt that last commentary, and perhaps the one preceding it, were examples of where we as a collective fall down in covering our own industry in an intelligent and constructive way. And I'm not sure personal attacks in any instance are the way to go. I've been guilty of that myself, and I hope I never do it again.

Apologies for not putting two and two together with your site and meeting you at Mocca. I appreciate anyone who spends time reading my work.


This comments thread is HOT.

People. People! You are missing the point! Did you not see the Title? The man poured ice cold water on my boobs right after I got out of a steaming hot shower. For the love of God, man up! I'm the one who suffered!

I feel like a lot of people are missing the humor in Millar's Wolverine. I could be all wrong, but to me it reads like he's just taking a giant piss all over superhero comics, and in the process, the audience he writes for. Was there any reason for "Spider-Bitch" (funniest name ever, I think) to decapitate the Kingpin with a shotgun other than it was over the top? I'm probably missing the point, but I am getting a lot of laughs out of it.

BTW - I can see why you married Nina. She's hysterical. My girlfriend also says a lot of things; unfortunately, those things are usually right....

I bought the Superman book just for the 3D sequence. I'm either too stupid, or too apathetic about serious examinations of superheroes, to understand Final Crisis, so it sounds like I'm in for a world of disappointment whenever I get around to reading it. I'm just looking forward to a panel where it looks likeSuperman is totally flying into my face.

Clark probably does that at some point. All I remember from reading Superman 3D was that it made me want to read that issue of Jamie Delano's Animal Man where he gets run over by a truck.

All I know is that this site has forced me into this tormentful world of comic books face first, thanks so much Tucker. Now I spend too much money on comics as well as movie tickets.

My condolences to your wife's chest.

The trouble with Giffen making fun of the DCU like this is that... well, he's part of the problem! He'll happily do whatever dark shit DiDio tells him to do! I mean, Reign in Hell is a comic so bad, only I like it, and hey, I liked Scott Lobdell's creator owned work. So you KNOW I like shit.

Yet, I hate Millar. IRONY!

Nice assessment of Thunderbolts.

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