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"If one is to make a comic book out of this sort of material, at least do Edgar Allen Poe, instead. (But don’t do that. Seriously. Please Don’t.)"

Haha, uh, too late?


I hate to tell you this, but Richard Corben already did a Haunt of Horror: Edgar Allen Poe series for Marvel. I dug it, but mostly because of the art. So I liked the first Lovecraft issue for the same reason; Corben is a really cool artist. But yeah, I don't really have any lasting love of Lovecraft that makes me worry about how well his legacy is being respected or anything. Whatever.

Crap, he beat me to the punch.

Damn. I was all set to say this was the best line of any comic book review ever:

"I don’t know how you people do it. Read all these comic books, one after another?"

And then you had to go and do this:

"That Peter Parker is always getting’ himself in a Pickle! Reminds me of Winnie-The-Pooh."

And now I'm torn.

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