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I love the hell out of Special Forces. It's the meanest, maddest comic around. And it pulls off a really fine balancing act, I think, in that it's as much a parody of a catastrophically stupid war-action comic as a satire of current events... all the weird, quasi-superhero stuff going on, how it's carefully synched up with the story's cites to macho foreign policy tidbits... "AXIS OF EVIL MUTANTS," leading into that whole thing with mutilated children vis a vis vows against killing, tough guy 'honor'... never mind where the narrative paradigm Baker's working from obviously originates, which just adds another layer... it's kind of an astonishing work, really deeply clever but just frothing with this immediate rage... and there's jokes! Funny ones!

Special Forces is one of the most interesting things that I've seen this year--it's just high-octane anger mixed with the most garish cheesecake, and I think I'm going to find it way more enjoyable in the single issue approach--multiple chapters of this might deaden it's impact, whereas getting it in these short bursts over a period of time keeps it fresh. That being said--it's unwieldy and more than a little scattered. But hey, fuck it. I like ugly.

Wow! I accidently came across this site when casually looking up reviews on Garth Ennis' body of work. I felt compelled to chime in how friggen stupid the commentary is on this website. Why would I want to hear the opinion of someone who has know clue about what they are reading? Its not my idea of entertainment to read the musings of some bitch rant about an artform she has no understanding of. Bitch you are an outsider for a reason. Keep it that way

"know clue" HA!

"You are an outsider for a reason. Keep it that way."

I...I was going to make a joke, but that quote is better than anything I can come up with. I think "Joe" should have that quote on his tombstone. Or maybe he should just write it in lipstick on his bathroom mirror. Or has already?

"Would you fuck me?"

"I'd fuck me."

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