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damn you're smart. I like reading these posts more than the Times

Not a Zhang Yimou fan? I thought Curse of the Golden Flower was one of his weaker movies, but it still looked beautiful. Some of his other stuff is incredible though, especially Hero and Happy Times. I just watched Riding Alone For Thousands of Miles, and I thought it was pretty good. I think he's generally pretty great, even if he has some weird views. But hey, who doesn't?

Thanks Frank, sorry about the typos. This was a from the road piece.

Matt, I haven't seen most of Yimou's work, but for me, Hero is a testament to great cinematography more then anything else. I love watching it, because it's gorgeous, but the storytelling is clunky and the acting kind of pathetic. I'll admit that I'm always kind of rough on propaganda films anyway, (I kind of feel like Eisenstein is the only guy who ever did them justice), and also that Yimou makes himself an easy target with that line--what does that even mean?

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