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I was just watching an episode of The Daily Show from a few weeks ago, and they had a piece complaining about newspeople confusing Osama and Obama. So I was bothered when you did it above. Dude, it's Osama's driver who was on trial, not Obama's. Grrr. I know it's just a typo, but still: annoying. Or maybe you just did it to get a rise out of me, in which case, well played, sir.

Oh, and if the Peter Stormare ad you're talking about is the one for Volkswagen where he shouts stuff like "German engineering is the shiznit!", we may have found an area in which our opinions part ways; that series of ads was fucking annoying.

Oh, the commercials themselves are horrible, totally irritating. I'm just a huge fan of anybody who hires Peter Stormare, to do anything. He's the closest the world has to a My Best Fiend era Klaus Kinski--he's completely insane. I like to see him working.

Whoops on the Osama thing. Those letters aren't even that close on the keyboard. Yikes.

I totally agree about Stormare; he's awesome. Like, I don't know if you saw the stupid Keanu Reeves Hellblazer movie, but the best part was when Stormare showed up at the end as the devil. Or his role as the crazy black-market surgeon in Minority Report. Or anything he's done with the Coen brothers. Yeah, he should be in more stuff, even if it's stupid commercials.

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