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I'm glad to hear the mix is dope, but soooo much I disagree with in this review.

Funcrusher/ Funcrusher Plus was his best album. I think he needs Len's guidance when constructing a song. That's why Little Johnny was sooooo good. Big Juss and El-P absolutely tore the shit out of the beats on Funcrusher, making it an absolutely amazing piece of music.

As for his solo stuff, yeah, he does get crushed by his own seriousness, but he also gets destroyed by his ambition to re-create the Bomb Squad's Phil Spector approach. That's why Fantastic Damage was ass. (That's also why Murs's The End of the Beginning sucked, too.)

Kenny, you know, I wasn't even *thinking* about Company Flow shit, so our opinions actually aren't that far apart. Fantastic Damage was aiight, definitely not the masterpiece it was painted as, but I wanted I'll Sleep When You're Dead to be so much better than it was.

Murs, man, still hasn't found his vibe--though the 9th Wonder albums are close--but he and Def Jux was such an odd pairing on top of that.

Marty, you know, if you subtract the Co Flow out of a discussion of El-P, then I can completely agree with everything you said. I think the problem I've had with El-P's solo work is it lacks any real song structure. It's mostly a beat with a guy rhyming with no tangible harmony over it.

As for Murs, I never understood the Def Jux thing. I mean, I understand why he signed on, he wanted the visibility, but the Def Jux sound was just *never* going to fit him. I did *really* like Murs 3:16, though. It's one of my favorite albums ever, but I have a soft spot for the old school style of 9th Wonder's underground stuff.

As far as El-P goes, his stuff has an indie rock structure--which is why I think that scene gloms onto him so hard--but every once in a while you'll get something like "Stepfather Factory," which is about as perfect a song as I can think of. And to bring it back to WeAreAll..., the reason "Mike Douglas" and "Krazy Kings 3" work so well is that they're traditional rap structures.

As far as Murs goes, I love 3:16 too and I have a similar soft spot for 9th Wonder, but I still think Murs is only hitting about 1/5 of his potential. He's just that good. When and if he ever hooks up with a producer who he's in sync with and who's an innovator, I think something really special could happen--they would just have to ween him off those Pete Rock-style beats.

But, yeah, dude, you are totally on point. I agree with everything you've said.

Fuck the law is perfect, some people...

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