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Ennis' very short The Demon run took place in hell, partly. He even wrote a war in hell story where the angels try to take over over hell for some reason. It even guest starred Daniel and the other angel guy from Sandman. I just mention it because it was better than this shit.

How do you make hell interesting? If your corporate overlords won’t let you portray it as a festering tumor of unparalleled filth and horror, what do you do? You make it some kind of reflection of (and pathetically shallow commentary on) the modern world, which is generally a massive failure of the creators' imaginations: Hell is the military industrial complex! Hell is corporate America! High school! Ooh, ooh, hell could be, like, a farm, and hey, don't demons already have pitchforks? Wait -- hell could be other people! Other people who make comics about hell!

Bottom Line: Hell generally makes boring comics. As you say, no one can die, no one can escape, and also, there's generally no one there to like. Miniseries set in hell? With no main character named "Satan"? That's not even weak tea. That's just brownish water Dan Didio scooped out of a puddle on his way to the office.

Closing notes: You are the least convincing virgin since my prom date, and I enjoyed the first BPRD book.

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