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I agree that DC should put recap pages in their books. They can always get rid of that stupid DC Nation column that nobody reads if they have to.

Nina, you're not alone. I grew up on the Big Two comics, so at least I knew who most of the characters are, and I was lost as Hell, too. I'm a guy of decent enough intelligence and I couldn't comprehend a page in this damn thing. This book was easily the worst comic I've ever tried to read.

Final Crisis #3's most elitist element: its expectation that someone might read the first two issues.

I mean maybe you addressed this, but I only read the middle of your review about ISISISISISISIS and gave up on it for being ill-informed.

Ouch. But didn't anybody tell you that this comic isn't for you? Not only are you not a long-time comics reader, you're a girl. You're not allowed in the clubhouse. Sorry, that's just the way superhero comics work these days.

Or is DC actually pitching this as something anybody can pick up and enjoy? Because, if so, those are some balls they've got.

They expect you to read the previous two issues?! That's lunacy and reason enough to write to my senator!

You know who my senator is? Barack fucking Obama. I should totally write him about this.

I should note at the start of this that I am a longtime reader of both DC books and Grant's work, and that so far I've enjoyed Final Crisis quite a bit.

But I really think that there should be no expectation for this book to be even the slightest bit reader friendly. What Final Crisis is is both A) a story that's following up upon and paying off on the past four years of so of specific DC history and the past 30 years of general DC history and B) a story that's massively invested in almost everything Grant's written in his entire career at DC. Reading Final Crisis #3 shouldn't feel like reading an early issue of a series meant to be open and simple for the uninitiated. What it is is like reading chapter 70 of a 75-chapter novel titled "Grant Morrison's life and death of DC superheroes."

Now, I love the fact that you're blogging on behalf of new readers and taking the companies to task for not making enough reader friendly comics in so many ways. I think that both DC and Marvel are failing al over the place in this regard. But that doesn't mean I think that a writer who has a proven track record of delivering great material should feel the need to rehash all the basics of characters he's been working with for easily 15 years when writing what, for him, is his swan song to the fictional universe. Hell yes DC needs more comics for new readers, but I don't think Final Crisis should have to be one of them, and I don't think they've sold it as such.

If you're still at all interested in reading something by Grant that is way more reader friendly, might I suggest trying any issue of All Star Superman or the first collection of his JLA work titled New World Order? I think with those you'll have an easier time wading into his work, and you'll see what all the fuss is about.


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