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Bendis has been falling off his game left and right. It used to be you could read a Bendis Marvel comic knowing you'd get some decent character development and some sort of advancement. Now, you get a lot of set-up and a half-assed resolution that skips out on all the stuff someone would actually want to read.

You're right about that Thunderbolts book, too...for being God awful, the one saving grace is no one's pretending there's a moral anywhere; it's just psychopaths doing what they do best. I think it was better under Ellis, because he has the sadistic sense of humor necessary for the book to work. You could tell he almost enjoyed having the "heroes" ripped and flayed apart.

You managed to take all the romance out of having "fucked on a pile of trash". I'm not sure you completely sucked the romance out of being "fucked and marked for death" with Dakota and Matt, though.

I thought I was gonna write a comment praising the review of Ass-Bat, which was deadpan glory, but it all sorta fluttered out of my noggin after this:

That boy makes herpes look like a 25th anniversary present. Ah, comics.

I'm glad I read that, even though I read DD in trade and usually gloss over your comments so as not to "spoil." Even if, six months from now, I remember that Dakota is due to, y'know, throw the billyclub, it'll be worth it.

Also, on the DD cover? If those throwing stars have been hurled by us, the reader, at the bodypaint lady, then, hey, good cover, I guess. If we're supposed to think that, from her body language, she threw them, resulting in her striking that pose? I would say that is almost as impossible as Frank Miller ever writing a comic again that isn't about fucking on a pile of trash.

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