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You are on this week. Plenty of laugh out loud-isms. Also, what the fuck is up with Congress shelling out $25 bil to automakers? Why aren't people pointing out that this is fucking stupid and complaining like with the bailout? Goddamn news is busy talking about McCain calling Obama "this one" and shit like that. Hey, actual news worthy of discussion going on over here! Idiots.

Also, McCain likes The Tudors and Lost. I get Radar (for some reason), so I end up reading that shit like you read the smart news. There's actually some interesting stuff in that magazine; the latest issue has a story about Amanda Knox, the American girl who is almost certainly being framed for murder in Italy and a drug called Ibogaine that seems to be a cure for addiction but will probably never actually be legalized. I actually feel somewhat informed when I read it. How about that?

Thank God! Dammit, Tucker, I had to buy a copy of the Economist last week for myself and actually *gasp* read it! Fuck that shit! I'm an American! I want my work done by someone else and my news delivered in quick, short bursts with sarcasm!

(And yes, I'm making fun of my own laziness, not you. You actually got me to buy an issue of the Economist on my own. So, props to you.)

Amalia over at the AV Club made a great point that McCain may not necessarily be truthful about his tv watching, but he does seem to bring up dexter quite a bit. It wouldn't surprise me for it to be bullshit--i totally hope Obama is just straight up lying about Mash, because--c'mon. Fucking Mash? How is that anybodies "favorite" tv show? Movie, I can see. But television?

Kenny, if you really bought the Economist because I didn't post about it, I want that copy, and I want to frame it so that everytime I'm too tired, too horny, or just too whatever, I remember who I'm doing this for. You're the man.

Tucker, it's a true story. I have the issue right here next to me with Henry Paulson as Uncle Sam. I rave about your weekly re-cap all week long to anyone who will listen, so when you took that week off, I felt like I had to do something drastic to get my fix: buy my own copy and try to make sarcastic quips. I was, um, unsuccessful at bringing the funny, but I read the damn thing.

But yeah, if you want it, I'll gladly mail it to you. Can you see my e-mail address from when I comment? If so, e-mail me your address and I'll mail it to you.

BTW, if you were joking, now you can see why I need someone else to read a damn magazine for me! lol

"Ah, the apathy of Ecuadorian voters"

It's not apathy the problem. People, for reasons that I just don't goddamn get and burn my ass, actually think the stupid new constitution is going to solve everything... SOMEHOW! And the people who are not that optimistic, but voted in favor of it anyway did it as a sign of rejection to all the previous politicians that have ruled the country for years. People are so hungry for a change they don't seem to mind they are trading the frying pan for some awesome looking fire.

Correa is just another guy in a long line of messianic assholes who become president here by knowing how to work a crowd more than having plans that make any goddamn sense. And the saddest thing is that when people tire of him, he will be replaced by another one just like him.

The only good thing about the economic collapse is that Correa won't be able to keep with all his Santa Claus-like campaign promises and he'll either get kicked out of the job or have to shape up his show before he does too much damage.

You know what Correa said when asked if he was worried about the U.S. economic problems? He said that he will worry about the U.S. economy when the U.S. worries about the Ecuadorian economy. Which, as you know, is not the goddamn point. God! I hate that ass. I think I just wanted to vent.

Man, Obama's move to the centre wrt to TV is pronounced - he originally touted The Wire as his fave prog and fucking OMAR as his favourite character - "I don't approve his actions though, of course".


Your comment is exactly why I live and die for this article like a crack junkie. Your comment kicked the shit out of any of the letters in the actual Economist magazine! it was much more insightful and passionate.

I've gotta second that remark Juan. Great rant.

Yo, I'm not sure the pop culture debate would have been a lock for McCain. He would have blown it on music, when he tried to defend ABBA and Linda Ronstadt while Obama just quoted some Jay-Z and Bob Dylan lyrics.

Marty, marty, marty. Marty! One more time, here we go:

The Wire = Winner of all pop cultural arguments.

Q: "Why does TV matter?"
A: "The Wire."

Q: "Which is better, the new Hair Police album or the re-release of last years Yellow Swans album?"
A: "The Wire."

Q: "I like Sportsnight."
A: "The Wire."

Q: "Dark Knight made almost as much as Titanic."
A: "The Wire."

Q: "The Wire."
A: "The Wire."

Bob Dylan + MASH + Jay-Z doesn't equal the Wire. Doesn't even come close.

See, I get what you're saying, but you gotta ask yourself if you want to hang with someone who listens to ABBA AND watches The Wire. That takes a very special kind of dementia.

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