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I don't know how much most moms are like my wife, but she is constantly reading baby news and whatnot, so she is all over this baby bottle plastic story. Apparently, Babies R Us offers free exchanges for bottles that don't contain the bad plastic (I forget what the chemical is called). So, people are hopefully aware of that sort of thing. Myself, I tend to try to avoid the scare-mongering of that sort, but I've got somebody who takes the opposite approach to balance me out. I'm lucky that way.

Matt, my girlfriend? No baby, but she's already freaking out over this whole plastic thing. Me? I use the same water bottle from whenever I got this thing...it's a balance, I suppose.

I agree with this plan:

"Is the firm so large that failure could be catastrophic? If not, like Lehman, then let it burn. If yes--like AIG, Bear Stearns or Fannie and Freddie, then give first claim on assets to the taxpayers, punish the stockholders as much as possible, and replace the management."

Is it Tucker's or Paulson's? It sounds more reasonable than what I've read of Paulson's plan. It sounds like a Stone plan in it's simplicity and common sense-ness.

Actually, that is Paulson's plan. He's an interesting guy--hardcore to the extreme, unlike most of the former Goldman Sachs people But his method--especially making sure that the executive branch of recevied companies don't take before the taxpayer base (which really just means the fed's deposit insurance funds and such) isn't one that is actually going to occur as much as it should. It's Paulson's plan though--but it won't stay that awesome for long.

According to--cnn? The vote on the bailout plan is wednesday, and I think the ramifications will be more clear when we see what riders are getting attached.

The baby/plastic thing: I hate those stories roughly around the same amount I find those stories totally necessary, which makes next weeks "The Economist looks at cancer caused by cell phone use" article make me sort of what to stick my face in the garbage disposal to confirm that it still works.

I may fix the grammar and spelling in my response to you two, but part of me wants to leave it because it's the most atrocious thing I've ever seen.

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