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The artist has my respect also.

I just lolgasmed.

Nothing like a good dick-but joke to take focus away from someone's actual achievement. I fucking LOVE the internet!

Is my new crush, Nina, in any of those movies? Because I'm totally not going to watch for you!

I think the dick joke should have been how they killed Jason Todd. Readers could have called to vote on the dick joke they liked best, and through some comic book logic, boom, dead Jason!

Sheeit, I didn't know you were a goddamn movie star! I'll have to watch at least one of those movies and yell at my wife while pointing at the screen, "I sort of know that guy!" At least, that's what I did when Tom the Dog was on 1 vs. 100.

If you really feel you must, which I don't necessarily recommend, then just watch Queen. Wait for the whiny punk kid to show up and help beat up another kid, and then watch as the that same kid calls Halle Berry the "n-word" and get his face slapped off. Then turn it off.

This blog has got the touch, man. I'm down for life. But nothing is going to get me to watch any of those movies.

Oh, I was thinking Quiet City. Is that not worth the effort?

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