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I greatly dislike The Killers, so I have nothing of worth to say about this article other than Andrew WK is *awesome*. I'm very sad I've not yet seen him in concert.

I'm mostly commenting to say I bought that Black Sabbath book about Master of Reality from the eyes of a mental hospital inmate, and it is *awesome*. Good looking out on that one!

I've got high hopes for the Andrew WK produced album by Lee Scratch Perry, which I think is still unreleased. Is that Kit Kat jingle story about him true?

Well, I could not have disagreed with you more about that Kanye song - I never cared for Kanye before, but Love Lockdown is pretty awesome. I have never lived the Killers before, either - so, if you hate this new single, does that mean I'll love it as well?

If this happens, we'll have some sort of strange reverse synchronicity thing going on.

What's this about a Perry produced Andrew WK album??

I'm sensing we need an Andrew WK column! lol

As for Kanye, I was embarrassed about my love of Love Lockdown until I read Tim's comment. I really like the song, and I have no idea why!

Here's what I think about Love Lockdown: You like it because Kanye's a good pop songwriter, and the key element of any pop song is that it be likeable. But that in no way makes it a quantitatively good song, because I've done the math and that would be impossible.

I am interested to see what you think of The Killers song, though, Tim. I have heard that there are people out there who like it, but I find that a little hard to believe. Maybe there's a small army of Killers loyalists out there who have all moved to Las Vegas and now, thanks to "Human," have all traded their copies of Bruce Springsteen's Human Touch for copies of Daft Punk's Human After All.

He is asking us if we are humans (material form) or spirit beings (light consciousness/ divine dancers)?
From St. Germain:
"the true self knows no lack; the divine self knows there is only love in the truth and humble with its beauty. Surrendering to that part of you that expresses love is the only way to freedom."
"the idea that thought creates reality and meditation helps the process of evolvement is old news; lets all join the Divine dance. In truth you are participating in this dance whether you know it or not, the point is to do it consciously."
St. Germain believes aliens from out of space that are human type spiritual beings will appear in our skies October 14, 2008. The point for doing so is that humans no longer have free choice, and the time is right for disclosure.

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