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The HUGO is the top award in Science Fiction (given out at the World Science Fiction Convention, I believe). I feel like it used to have a lot more significance when there was a larger pool of talented writers working in SF. These days...sort of a waning genre in print.

I'm not sure what category Watchmen won in - if it was considered Best Novel or if there was a different...ok, I went and checked it out (http://www.thehugoawards.org/) and it was in "Other Forms", in which it beat out two Harlan Ellison books? And Harlan's won 8 1/2 Hugos - the Hugos love Harlan - so that's surprising. Maybe Harlan's two books split the vote...

Oh, hey, this year's winner for best novel was Chabon's "Yiddish Policemen's Union" which...hey, that's a good pick. Maybe all is not lost for the Hugos.

Tucker, I think us regular readers know there's no chance in Hell of you giving someone a Mark Millar comic to read. What was a surprise to me is you can't keep Captain America straight from Union Jack. What the Hell is your problem with the Brits? Suck balls, Stone!

Hey, I knew for sure that the only thing I'd loaned him was Union Jack. I just didn't want to be a total dick to him during the interview because he couldn't tell the difference. He just kept saying, yeah, the dude with the flag on his chest. I had to go find the goddamn thing and show him the difference. I knew from the start that he was out to lunch.

I never read Union Jack...Never...lets move forward now.

Outstanding work on the Stunt Casting. My favorite one thus far, and here's why:

Most comic conversations that I've listened in on go one of two ways - a) did you see how hero x did something fantastic? And then something else fantastic? Yeah? I loved it. Or, b) How did that happen again? Oh, right. Yeah and then didn't hero y do this? No? Jeez, I'm out of it. Serious questions a la TFO deep dives are not addressed for longer than a serious bout of coughing. Yet here, you have THE critical darling of comic books, and the interview consists entirely of a and b above. Nice irony in it. Also, lots of name calling makes for good entertainment. Just ask Andrew Sullivan.

Finally, Tucker, you definitely lent Paul a copy of a comic in which Captain America was fighting and historic battle of some sort - feel like it was WWII. There was some great frame about "Do you think the A stands for France?" Is this perhaps the source of the confusion?

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Is it just me or does union jack look like a UVF wetdream?

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