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It's great to see you finding series that you can really get into and enjoy. Comics is a somewhat evangelical interest, in that everyone wants to tell everyone else what they're missing. It's nice to see someone getting on board, I guess.

What I'm going to do is enjoy this magical period between when your reviews were heavy on the (funny, entirely appropriate) "What IS this? Am I supposed to get this? There are PEOPLE who GET this?" moments and the inevitable end of your growth arc: "This story is entirely implausible and wrong because it negates what the third Blue Lantern told John Stewart in a post-coital moment on page 17 of Final Crisis: Escalation: The Return of the Debut of the Next Last Thing: Mirror Master's Vengeance, so there is NO WAY that Kyle Rayner's favorite food is mac and cheese!"

I'm even going to enjoy that that last sentence may look to you like a cat walked across my keyboard. This is the good old days.


I was starting to wonder how this column worked. Did you get your comic book hymen surgically re-attached after each review?

No need. None of them have big enough to break it.

Nina, I've circled around through, "Wow, these comics have big ideas," to ironic detachment when I thought about all of them in terms of IP cultivation to utter disgust with slight curiosity and now to apathy. Tomorrow I'm going to the comic store and ending my pull list, except for a few choice authors. I guess my point is a cynical one - the feeling that there's more than just crazy violence and big breasted women comes and goes, so, um, welcome?

Not big enough? I don't know, that X-Men Omnibus looked HUGE! Although maybe it got burned before you could read it.

I kid... on the real, I like your column a lot, I just think the title is odd for a running concern.

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