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Well, I care what you say regardless of your gender, but I also like to use the term "babymen" to describe people who have different tastes/obsessions than I do, so I'm not the guy to go by! lol

Anyway, I would actually read the book you suggested - the bombers blow up all the politicians and the superheroes are left to solve stuff like the energy crisis, the food crisis, etc. Will the Joker take over Zimbabwe and will the world continue to be apathetic about Zimbabwe? Or would the world's superpowers finally care?

I know these two writers are persona non grata (sp?) on this site, but Warren Ellis and Mark Millar wrote this series called The Authority that examined a similar premise - superheroes end up in charge of the world - and it went interesting places (to me). The superheroes ended up doing a worse job than the current governments of the world. It was a good read, better than DCU: Decisions had any hope of being.

Ah, Warren and Mark aren't Persona Non Grata. Give me some Fell or more Nextwave and I'll be fine. Millar--well, Ultimates was fun.

Hi Nina. Are you busy lately? Have you got a lot going on right now? Because if you've got just a little free time, I'd like you to write the comic books. All of them.

If that's too much, could you just write the ones I generally like to read? You totally wouldn't have to do Robin, that way, or any X-Men books. I could send you a list of titles, and you could go tell the companies which ones you'll be writing. 'Cause I think this would be lots better. Let me know. Thanks.

More people should refer to Judd Winick as "the Real World guy".

And not to get obnoxiously political here, but I would hope that when people share news stories, they are not just blatantly trying to force someone to agree with them. Rather, I would imagine they are saying that the story affected their own viewpoint by being informative, and they wish to share that information with others. But that's me always hoping for the best in people; I'm often disappointed. And all that goes out the window when it's "lipstick on a pig" bullshit. Why not focus on something like, say, Sarah Palin forcing rape victims to pay for their own rape kits when reporting the crime to police?

Eh, sorry to sidetrack things; that was probably a waste of everybody's time. This comic looks stupid. I didn't bother to read it, but it sounds from your description that it's exactly what I expected, with nothing in the way of ambition or a desire to approach the subject in an interesting manner. Sounds like modern superhero comics in a nutshell.

Trust me, I've seen some of the shit Nina gets sent, and it's about as subtle as a video of an infant being lit on fire by Sarah Palin while Barack Obama masturbates in the background. If that sort of shit helps anybody "choose," then I see no reason why I shouldn't start raping children while whipping myself with a broken tv aerial.


Tucker, I wasn't sure how you felt about Ellis or Millar, I just remember a recent Millar Wolverine comic getting a thrashing. So, I wasn't trying to be snarky, I was just trying to be all like, "hey, here's a relevant tangent" without forcing my taste on you guys, you know?

Anyway, I'm voting for Guy Smilely! I, too, want Nina writing all the comics I read!

And your video of Sarah Palin setting an infant on fire sounds intriguing. How come I never get cool stuff like that? I think I need new friends....

I actually just re-read that Enemy of the State thing Millar did, and although I thought that EC Comics Wolverine Versus Nazis In A Concentration Camp thing was pretty tasteless, I quite enjoyed watching Logan tear through all the ninja people. That sequence where he asks how many bad guys there are, and the guy says something like "346,000 worldwide--you gonna kill them all single handed?" and then it's just a splash of Logan saying "Bingo" is, to put it honestly, pretty fucking awesome. Especially when he teams up with a Sentinel to do it.

But yeah, old man logan is a toothy blowjob. Painful, stupid, and only successful because it eventually ends.

Nina was supposed to write the next Cloak & Dagger mini-series, but then they found out she didn't cry when Spoiler died. So we'll just have to wait to see the "kill all presidential candidates while Bruce Wayne personally pays for the financial crisis" comic. She has to get booked as a guest on Road Rules first--that's the way in.

This is just my sensibilities, but I think the way Millar unabashedly embraces the tasteless in his stories is why I can get behind him. He's not pretending like the tastelessness serves some goal, it's more that sort of Jackass tasteless for tasteless sake kind of thing - except when he's gunning for mainstream press, and he's quite good at that. Then, when he tries to have a dramatic moment like the one you described, he succeeds more often than not.

Your Cloak & Dagger joke was awesome. I'm expecting that Cloak & Dagger series to fail worse than the new New Warriors series, and then for a certain blog to write all about how it failed because comics hates women.

Hey Kenny, Guy, Matthew and Andre (and of course, Tucker) --

You're all hilarious.
The mission of my life has become clear:
First comic books, next the Presidency, and then -- THE WORLD.

But first I'm gonna take a nap......

oops. that was me...above. Posting. It kinda defaulted to Tucker.

Mmmm.... I guess I'm not so "detail oriented." Will this get me fired from Dame of The World status?

Nina, I hope Tucker doesn't get mad and ban me, but I'm starting to feel like my Jessica Alba curse is transferring over to you, which means I want to marry you! lol

I think Millar can write pretty damn good action, and be reasonably entertaining, but when he tries to court controversy, or do something that, like, means something, or freak out the squares, man, he gets pretty old pretty quick. He's probably going to spend his whole career trying to duplicate that Captain America "I hate France" moment.

That was me trying to live up to my purported brilliance.


Mr Brady is spot-on about Millar.

And at the risk of more politics, Nina, I'd say there's recent precedent for world leaders "not being detail oriented," so don't sweat that. Also, when you're Ruler of All, you can call your naps "cabinet meetings" and no one can challenge you.

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