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You: the fucking man.

God, this is difficult - I thought I did quite well on your last, frankly terrifying, shitrip on comicblogs - I definitely know Daredevil, who you're doing there, I might know Submit and there's maybe one or two CSBG/CBR in there? I read loads of comc blogs, too, although typically ones I - you know - like. A bit.

Dude, you're better than this.

Man, I'm even tired of the jokes about this kind of thing.

I'm worthy of parody now?!?

Fuck you.

And I say that with a grin.

"You keep calling this guy a moron and he keeps grinning at you moron-ily".

I obviously don't read enough comic blogs, because I only got the first one.

I'll get way more out of this post once the Douglas Wolk annotations go up.

one of them is that Virgin Read chick.

Aw, man, I was hoping you would do me. (that didn't sound good; maybe that's why he didn't do me)

I'm with Alphonso

Matt, I thought he did do you. I think you're the Daredevil review.

Tucker, making fun of your wife? For shame! Nina, this is why you shouldn't listen to him!

This article was genius!

Hahahaha let me see if I got these, Tucker, this is fucking brilliant

1. Berlatsky
2. A.D. Doane
3. Val D'Orazio
4. The Splash Page?
5. ...Doug Zawisza from CBR?
6. Tim Callahan, no damn question
7. I'm actually not sure about this Unknown Soldier one.
8. Also lost.

Unknown Soldier has gotta be Virgin Read.

My guess on the last one was Absorbacon, but he hates Marvel or something, I think.


Actually, number 4 sounds a hell of a lot like our podcasts. Great job, Tucker. That was really hilarious.

Close, David.

#3 is Heidi.
#8 is Greg Burgas.

I couldn't get #5 either, until Tucker told me who it was. But it was so damn obvious in retrospect.

Oh damn, this is gonna bug me forever. Unless I'm just woefully self-unaware and that's supposed to be me, but I don't think so?


Maybe the one-two punch of shitty television tonight with Prison Break and Heroes will reduce my brain to a state of such lowered processing and discourse that the obvious will occur to me.

Oh shit! It's Wizard's TMQB, isn't it?!??!

Okay, fine, but next time you parody me, I want gender theory jokes.

How much gender theory does it take to screw in a light bulb?

Let's discuss your use of the word "screw"....

Hey? HEY!

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