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Couple 'o' Thots:

Don't know if you know this, but Tony Daniel actually has 15+ years experience in the industry. This is as good as he's going to get.

Was Hitman aborted? It lasted five long years and a handful of specials. I think that
s a good run, and if anything, it was probably a bit flabby in the middle.

There was some random interview where Garth claimed that he had more that he'd wanted to do with Hitman, as opposed to Preacher, which he'd referred to as "finished." That's where the aborted line came from. I've only read those trade collections they have for the first 20 or so issues--but yeah, I can imagine it getting a little flabby. It's certainly laced with affection though. I really got the sense that Ennis loved writing the character.

Oh, I'm fully aware that Tony Daniel has 15 years experience. It's just that Batman RIP is the first time I've ever seen him make any notable improvement.

Looks like somebody already beat me to The Hitman comment. I usually wouldn’t encourage anyone to pirate comics. But let’s face it; DC will never collect the rest of the series and The Old Dog and Closing Time were really good storylines…

Also, I got the super-special black and white cover for The Boys #23. Should I feel bad for contributing to the decline of the comic book industry?

I wonder what the kids are going to think about Gantz when they get to (spoiler warning?)


It bugs me that Hitman still isn't collected when I hear that DC plans to repackage the entire Impact line, which anybody could easily find an entire collection for less then a nickel.

And Hugh--it went unmentioned above, but I have to say that I'll love Dark Horse forever for using the honest "Explicit Content" warning sticker instead of the silly "For Mature Readers" thing.

What happened to last week's The Economist vs The Idiot? This might not make me sound so great, but I depend on that article for my weekly dose of world news!

As for DC and collections, I'm still pissed they've never gotten around to collecting Milestone or pretending like they might. Look, I don't care about Icon vs Superman, but I do care about the interactions between Icon, Raquel, and the rest of Dakota.

Sorry, small tangent. I'm just tired of DC not getting that they have lots of great stuff to collect and market that is better than fanfiction Superman and Batman dreck.

Kenny, with Baltimore on one end and the role of best man at a wedding on the other, the time that Econ required was squashed to nil. Something had to give, and I was further along with Comics of the Weak. My apologies.

Good news though-they do plan to put out trades of the Milestone stuff, around the time the characters merge with the DCU proper.

It's all good, Tucker. I forgot about your Baltimore experience, even though I read both your and Nina's columns about it, because I'm kinda dense. I never even considered you had a personal life. I was just mostly afraid you were ditching the Econ article due to your newfound comics' blogsphere fame.

And collections of Milestone comics? Really??? That stuff is difficult for me to find on torrents or in back issues, so this is *awesome* news. It's still too bad they're being lumped in with the DCU, but whatever.

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