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I had no idea she'd be so fiery! She is really creeped out by those comic book store employees...makes me want to go to a comic book store and see what all the hype is about.


NO! Don't do it! Save yourself!

I'm freaked out by comic store employees even though I was going there every week! *shudder* A comic store is not somewhere a normal, well adjusted person should ever go.

Amy won't be going to a comic store anytime soon, unless it's one full of clothing made of hemp and stinking of patchouli. She's a lovely, wonderful lady, but she's also a dirty hippie.

This interview's a tonic, but also sobering: USA Monthly comics cater to an ever more introspectve community. The old 'sale or return' system necesitated broad writing styles, low cost, and high risk. Current trends for wider readership tend toward larger works sold in book stores, and stocked in libraries. But still, wider readership needs broad writing styles. Direct sales, alone, will not allow that. A combination of netcomics and print books widly dustribed on old 'sale or reuturn' high risk would create a stir. It would just take a fortune and a lot of hard work.

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