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Nina, I love your articles. I've been reading comics on and off my whole life, and I see nothing wrong with your approach. If you open a comic and it's presented like a mess, then why are you going to have any interest?

Thanks, Kenny!

In Mr. Johns's defense, that was probably the worst place to start, even regarding his writing - his Superman or Flash stuff is far more reader-friendly, and even a lot of people I know who are usually fairly big fans of his stuff find Legion of Three Worlds compressed, convoluted, confusing and confounding. So while your opinion of the book makes a bunch of sense, extrapolating its failures to everything Johns does is more of a fallacy.

David, I pretty much think Nina's stuff doesn't really need defending--it is what it is, but I think you're kind of creating an argument that isn't there. She doesn't go on to say anything specific about Johns that isn't birthed out of this comic and her interpretation of the "vibe" at the DC Nation panel, and when she makes the statements here about DC creating comics that are insular and unfriendly, all of it is clearly prefaced by the statement "If I were to try and judge DC by this one comic book..." There's no generalization about the guys work, just a statement that this one is by him, she had a negative reaction to a publicity panel he was a big portion of, and that's it. There's nothing in here that I see that, as you put it, extrapolates its failure to everything Johns does.

Sorry, I guess I was speaking in the abstract, thinking that's what someone could take away from the article and responding to that rather than, you know, the actual article, which is shitty commenting on my part. I didn't mean to be accusing people of stuff they didn't say, and apologize if I was misconstrued in such a way.

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