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wow u saw some awesome stuff

Kickass overhaul of the festival! I feel like I was THERE!

I agree with andre, you saw some awesome stuff, but why all the Dave Grohl hate? I don't get it. Reading your review, it sounded like the Foo Fighters had one Hell of a fun set. But other than that, it sounded like it was one great show!

For some reason, I let myself be the only chaperone for someone who really really wanted to wait up near the front for Foo Fighters. I'm not really familiar with their repetoire, at least I thought I wasn't, but when I heard their set, every song sounded familiar. Could be all the licensing of their music. So you can say I sort of heard their music as a "first-timer," but I had about the same lack of exposure to their earlier stuff as the O.J. Simpson jury had. The music kept rocking my body but I had this nagging desire to just leave. I was simultaneously thinking, "okay, this music feels good, it's easy to digest, and just kind of moves me" and "ugh, get me out of here." Anyway, my least favorite set.

In a way I kind of feel like an old fart at age 26. I never thought that would happen coming up in my years. But my favorite acts were people who reached the height of their fame before I was born: David Bryne and Robert Plant.

As for Byrne, I too adored the pseudo-improv modern dancers. They always kept you guessing. Very dynamic.

And for Plant, I don't know, I just did.

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