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Re: Ultimate Spider-man Annual. Well told Spider-Man comics, like the first Tobey Maguire Spiderman movie or classics in the Tom Hanks oeuvre such as Big and Forrest Gump, belong in the canon of Male Virginity tales. These guys are too heroic to lose their cherry. Spidey may be willing to ejaculate his webs all over Mary Jane, but he'd never put her in imminent danger by fucking her. The annual was another in a long line of Bendis cock-teases.

Heh. Die in a fire, Tucker Stone.

I miss the "factuality" of your "review".
Parasyte ("Unwanted host") is one of the most fascinating manga series of the 1990s, and you are reviewing an issue without even reading it in full?

Or maybe I misunderstood…


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