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The problem with The Outsiders, other than being The Outsiders, is that I think this is, at least, the third time we have seen the gathering of the team. So after kicking out the Dixon guys, whatever remained from the aborted Bedard run, and killing the one or two new characters nobody gave a damn about... we got yet another gathering of heroes. And considering Tieri hasn't been named the official on-going replacement yet, I think we still have one or two more gatherings to go before this stupid title takes a course and sticks with it.

Now, about Hispanic characters speaking mangled Spanglish, while it is annoying, nothing is as annoying as the Hispanic Female Wildcat from the 80s, who not only used random words in Spanish in every sentence, but also translated them to English even if she was just speaking to herself or thinking. "I must go see my familia, which significa my family, and significa means 'means'"

Haven't read The Sentry #3 - but the first two issues were excellent. I don't think it was ever aiming to satirize golden/silver age comics - which is fine by me. An enjoyable romp, which is more than I can say for most comics.


Honestly, I could read an entire series that gathered a new team every issue. Something about it sets off all the parts of me that want to build my own team. In real life. And, yeah, that Wildcat quote trumps all.

Arch 14,

The Age of the Sentry is pleasant enough, but it just doesn't have good enough ideas to make it really great, so it counts on simply having a different tone to make it fly--which makes it pretty disposable, at the end of the day. The first half of issue #3 is pretty much "point at the yokel"--a cheap and easy gag that they don't even mine for a whole lot of funny.

Marty! It was a pleasant surprise seeing you do this article! Your Punisher recap rules all!

heh - I *still* haven't read Sentry #3 yet (don't visit the comic shop often) - but maybe I'll post my opinion when I do. I imagine I won't really disagree much. To me most comics are 'disposable' - a kind of junkfood pasttime i indulge in sometimes - *especially* superhero comics. And I've kind of latched on to Parker as a writer who brings the most entertainment for my comic dollar (well, him and Brubaker - but for completely different reasons).

Anyway - I basically enjoy the comic for its aesthetic, which I admit it relies upon quite heavily.

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