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I'd like to submit my entry for the new pet name for the "Financial Crisis": FiCri or FiCri '08

I was trying to come up with names for the "financial crisis", but all that comes to mind is stuff like "End O' Civilization 08" or "Crisitunity 08" (I think the 08 is obligatory). Maybe "It's All Over 08"? Eh, Nina's is better.

Don't sell yourself short. "It's All Over '08" is pretty classic.

I love this article! And Hell yes, the Economist is better than all those other publications! No one can do it like the Economist can!

My only nomination for the FiCri '08 name is "Times are harder than Richard Pryor's dick," but I think it's only funny if you know the Richard Pryor line it's referencing, and I'm probably the only person who does....cuz I'm a dork....

I also thought "Financiapocalypse 08" was decent...

Or the longer version:

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