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I think Solar System is always capitalised in the UK? It's like - if you were in school and you wrote a stupidly long address for a-mazing funtimes, it's a location so it'd be like 'Scotland, Europe, Earth, The Solar System, The Milky Way'? I am an English MA (Hons!) I don't know.

The Baby P story is - I always found these things upsetting, but the newfound conservatism of parenthood makes it eyetearingly awful... it's getting incredibly heavy play here, for some reason, not sure, possibly because Haringey Council had a very similar case a decade ago and maybe some of the same beaks are involved? The events are, yeah, grotesque but there are the news tells me 2-3 similar cases monthly here, so I think it's that, the Victoria Climbie connection or, if you believe in a media agenda, a concerted push to get the death penalty reconsidered? I'm kinda reconsidering that shit in view of, anyway.

I'd suspect the reason Baby P is getting so much play is because of the massive failure on so many ends--the doctor who failed to pick up on the shattered ribs days before? How does that happen? The Econ doesn't go into specifics, but it references a chain of evidence and reports making it pretty clear that a lot of children service workers had documented the living conditions for the kids entire life, and that pretty much every month of it was horrific. Hopefully it'll be used to motivate system reform, but I'd wager the death penalty thing might be the case too. (Just don't tell Australia.)

The Baby P story was horrific. Absolutely horrifying. America needs to get off its ass and start caring abut Rwanda, Sudan, and The Congo. Afghanistan - yeah, I can see Obama on that one - I think bin Laden has been free too long (and a big f you to Pakistan) - but I also think we need to start getting involved in Africa, too. Why isn't Africa more industrialized yet? The Hell is the problem there?

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