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I'm glad that the Superman/Lois interatcions irritaed Katie as well. Ugh.

But I'm a little dissapointed that we didn't get the male perspective on this series. Tucker, go back to issue one and do this all over with males. And then children. And then non-English speakers. Only then will I feel we've uncovered all the intricacies of this comic.

Spitfire, if there's one thing the internet has plenty of already, it's dudes talking 'bout comics. Just assume that there's some idiot out there who loved it, somebody else who is mad because it "wasn't the way Hawkman would talk" and a couple other people who claim that it's an okay piece of entertainment solely because it exists.

Now, non-English speakers would be a good idea though.

Hey, that was a great interview, and a great interview subject. I liked how she noticed stuff like the ads and really went into detail about things she liked or didn't understand. You should bring her back.

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