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Dr. 13 is karate chopping people? That is fucking awesome.

Clobberstones. CLOBBERSTONES. Holy fucking shit.

There is a B&B story involving Batman, The Atom and Midget beauty pageant contests. Please somebody tackle that one!

"If Stan Lee knew that a bunch of people with way more time on their hands then they had sense were going to write terrible books about how Spider-man defined a culture, he would've jumped out a window and shot up the floors he passed on the way down."

Nah, he would have written the forewords for the books. They just didn't tell him, is all.

YES! Bob Haney is *gold*!! Haney wrote superhero comics the way they were supposed to be written - with 2 rights to the face of awesome and a left uppercut of surreal. His Titans stuff was also fantastic!

Looks good !!!!!!!
I bought many of these issues off the stands at the time ( Including the Atom/midgets one ) - Perhaps this helps explain my own particular out-look on comics !!!!!!!!! ( Oh , and life , too...THAT'S less important , of course . )
Nice to have one's ego stroked !!!!!!!!!

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