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Nina, have I mentioned that I love your reviews? This is just excellently written, and I love the way you are able to express your reactions to the various comics you read. You're awesome.

awesooooome review, if i were you i would read him again. now you know what to expect. with stuff like that i feel maybe the point is to show you life as it IS rather than how chris ware or anyone else would like it to be. That way you can take your own lessons from the story and everyone gets their fill in their own way right?

Keep in mind this volume is one chapter in a much larger story and thus some resolution may be forthcoming, though it won't necessarily be pretty. Ware tends to go for the gut.

Nina, you are the Goddess of Reviews. You are the best on the web, period. This is the best review ever written of Chris Ware's work because you don't even care about hurting his feelings or having some art comic snob come along and go, "Gawd, you're so stupid! You missed the entire point!" You're just like, "Yeah, this shows a lot of talent, but it's boring...and so what if you don't agree?"

Your review makes me want to go home and reread my volume of Acme and look at it in a different way and that's the power of a *great* review.

I liked the review a lot too. It's especially nice because, though you're a first-time reader, you really hit on just about everything that's ever said about Ware, I think.

I've read interviews where Ware talks about being far more interested in achieving specific emotional or psychological effects as opposed to any particular narrative goal. This can certainly result in a more narrative-oriented reader getting bored. Sometimes I'm that reader, sometimes I'm not. But resolution is not really something Ware provides -- his work seems to exist to dip in and out of, like really sad ambient music.

As always, great column.

Hey -- I just wanted to say thank you, to every single one of you. I feel so flattered to have such insightful, supportive people reading my column.
You guys are great.

wait, did you just write a review comparing Punisher to Acme? Thats an alchemical tight-rope act of the highest order. haha

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