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Ahahahahaha, did Tucker try to get you to read Bureiko Lullby?

I pushed Bureiko pretty hard, and I never push. But yeah, I figured that could make for a great column.

You're not alone, Nina. I'm not reading Bureiko Lullaby because I don't like gross out humor - unless it's Mark Millar having Spider-Bitch decapitate a man with a shotgun! Hey-o! (Watch the Funnybook Babylon/ 4th Letter guys jump all into my shit again....)

Anyway, this line was hysterical:

“Blimps I say! Damn it, who writes the checks around here? Twelve Blimps or nothing.”

Both because I've had a boss who said dumb shit like that and because I can actually imagine the DC people saying something that silly. I imagine working at DC is a bit like working at a crackhouse that would rather smash junkies' heads in with bricks. Yeah, the same end result is achieved, but someone is making a horrible mistake. Maybe the customers, maybe the suppliers with the bricks. It's hard to say.

It makes me tired to even read ABOUT Nightwing.

Japanese nun-raping radioactive sperm things are all the rage these days

Tucker, are you going to review Monster Men Bureiko Lullaby as an extended essay?

Yes, when the Brave & The Bold stuff is finished. It's a really interesting comic, if you can tolerate the content.

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