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Aparo's issues of Phantom Stranger from roughly the same era are really nice to look at (split across the two PS Showcases), as is his run on Adventure Comics, including the Spectre and his second pass at Aquaman. Plus, the third B&B Showcase is pretty much cover-to-cover Aparo.

He was best when he inked and lettered his own work--before guys like Mike DeCarlo started finishing (and flattening) his pencils.

I'm looking forward to the next Brave & The Bold volume, but I enjoyed doing this back and forth with Noah so much that I think I might just pick it up and let it sit around for awhile. Reading the issues the day-of writing these pieces was such a different experience then it would have been to let them sit and play out longer--I might have to wait to dive in until he's convinced to do a follow-up.

But I'll definitely be looking into those Phantom Strangers you mentioned asap. Thanks for the heads up.

Just be warned that you have to plow through at least half of the first book to get to Aparo--the series started with a bunch of reprints of the intensely mediocre 1950s Phantom Stranger comic, then meandered around for a while with really idiotic, sub-Haney writing (albeit with occasional art by Neal Adams). And the second book only has 5 or 6 Aparo-drawn stories before he's off the book.

I just don't want you to get 1/3 of the way through a book you blew $17 on, throw it across the room and yell "Fucking Cole!"

The Spectre comics by Aparo and Michael Fleischer are wild--repetitive, sadistic revenge fantasies, but at least you get to see (just off-panel, but still) people eaten by their magically enlarged toy ducks and cut in half with scissors.

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