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This falls squarely into the "album I've never heard of from a group I've never heard of" catagory, but I downloaded it last night. I have a hunch I'm going to love it. I just have to stop listening to all the other music I downloaded because of this list first!

Thanks for writing these entires, guys!

This is easily the most interesting "best of" series I've read this year -- just start to end great WRITING. Good job.

Plus, it's given me lots of new stuff to check out (your number #1 choice, for example!), and has made me re-evaluate a couple of other albums as well. Like that new Tricky joint: I think I talked myself out of really rating it after the initial excitement had died out, but... it's really fucking good, isn't it?

"entires" --?

Entries, rather. Brain no werk gud. But seriously -- that cover of 'Slow' on the Tricky album!

I've got to get me this Cut Copy album and fast!

Yeah, been playing it for the past couple days - I can completely see why this is #1.

Hey. Hey. Hey.

Where's "Superabundance" by Young Knives?

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