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You just summed up exactly why this wasn't on my list but I listened to obsessively. That and way he flips "Sunday Morning" never ceases to blow my mind.

HELL YES!!!! This is one of my favorite *favorite* albums!!! Every single person I've played it for has demanded a copy of it. I love this music!

I was chatting with an acquaintance recently who knows someone who is an acquaintance of Greg Gillis - third-hand telephone, so to speak. Apparently Girl Talk shows are filled with frat-boy mooks these days, and Gillis doesn't have any idea who these people are or why they come to his shows.

I don't either. I think it's some of the most difficult and challenging music being made. The difficulty you pinpoint is crucial, I think - to a degree I think something like Japanese noise rock or some weird static drone thing on the ECM label is probably easier to digest because, at least with those, you have some kind of expectation of a consistent milieu. I don't understand how this could be "party music", unless the people partying are all professional music critics and PhD candidates in Music Theory programs.

But then, I thought based on advanced reviews that Borat would primarily appeal to NPR-listening older liberals, and play in mostly urban art-house theaters. How a movie about the racial politics of post-Soviet republics and American exceptionalism became a meathead classic is beyond me, much as I refuse to understand Girl Talk's mainstream appeal.

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