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Now's a good time to make your bets on #1, if you've got 'em.

Microcastle is my first guess. Although I remember Marty wasn't feeling the post-Fluorescent Grey stuff. Maybe Hercules and Love Affair, then?

I completely blanked on that Barrow quote, and it's great to see that as a mission statement for the album. You nailed what I love about this record.

Jason Mraz, if only because Tucker got in trouble twice on this blog in the past few weeks! LOL

Honestly, though, I was betting on Third being your number 1. For me, it's easily the best album of the year, so I can't think of anything better. Hmmm....

I'm going to guess...I dunno, the new Brian Wilson album? I loved that one, but I'm also a *huge* Brian Wilson fan.

I dunno! I want to cheat and look at the Rolling Stone list and find an album I never heard!

Rhymest & Mark Ronson's Michael Jackson tribute! That has to be it!

The Rhymefest mixtape isn't from Rolling Stone, it's an album I loved this past year.

It's true I've probably done more Deerhunter-bashing this year than anything else, but I am gearing up to give Microcastle a fair shot... now that the countdown's over.

I'll give you guys a hint: It's an album that we haven't mentioned very much around these parts. But when Tucker and I walked into the War Room, it was the first time we'd ever agreed on what number one should be.

Oh, and gentlemen, I'm planning on sending out mp3 mixes on Monday (with all this writing I had to put them on hold until the end of the countdown) so look for them sometime this week!

Is it the first time? I thought we were pretty much in agreement when we did 83. I know we changed it late in the game, during the six month countdown.

Nothing could have been as problematic as last years, that shit took 2 hours of fighting.

Oh, and since the 1 is up, here's some stuff on the mentions:
I'm growing more affectionate towards Deerhunter, but that shit never had a chance for me. I have a hard time with the sort of tossed-off quality of music put out by people who are talented, but seem to coast on it--I think I probably appreciate the level of skill that the band has more than Marty might, but either way: they're going to have to put in more time working out the kinks from a practice/production standpoint. Some artists are certainly interesting when they release their vaguely underperformed type tunes, but Microcastle was just too half-baked for me. That's probably unfair, but I'm not going to push for something that I spend half of the time listening to wishing they'd have taken more time with. Some people can pull it off--Scott Walker's bizarre EP from earlier this year was a total toss-off, and it's still fascinating, Ryan Adams has done some interesting fly-by-minute work, but Deerhunter isn't one of them. Maybe next time, and I still haven't heard that follow-up ep to Microcastle.

Hercules and Love Affair--I thought that was a great, great listen, and I'm certainly not done with it, but it never got me going on a deeper level. If anything, it could share the spot with something like Kelley Polar. But I'd push for anything in the top ten as having been a stronger album.

Rhymefest/Mark Ronson:
I missed this one. Too much time trying to figure out the lyrics of Certainty of Swarms, I guess.

Oh, and the Bon Iver and Ghostface didn't make it based on release dates, I know Sean liked them a lot.

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