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Interestingly enough, Anthony Gonzalez was literally aiming for a Tears For Fears sound with "Kim & Jessie." He cites "Head Over Heels" as the major influence.

I've never read anything by Anthony Gonzalez that led me to believe he knows what the hell he's talking about. Talented and intelligent musician? Sure. But has he ever hit the mark when he described his tunes? Part of what gives M83 such enjoyability is that they fail, consistently, to make crowd-pleasing expansive songs. Take a listen to "couleurs"-- what you have is a band shooting to make something that's in the banger domain, something that they think will segue right into some weird neo-rave context, something that a band like Justice would drop into their mixlist--and yet couleurs pretty much only works on the personal level, it's a song that's so heavily mixed that it's completely off-putting through the big speakers after you've heard it once through the cans. Kim & Jessie has potential to be soundtrack music, sure--but it's not the kind of closing/montage sequencing that a Tears for Fears can pull off. Kim & Jessie is fumbled make-out music, it's fumbled break-up music.

The thing is, I think that's what makes it great! I've rocked M83 more this past month at the office-through the company speaks in the common room--more than anything else (except Burial.) It's still fun, solid pop on that level. But at the personal, play it through the grados level? That's the only way to really get into the sound they're playing with, and if you make room for Eno, you've got a straight line connecting M83 back to Spector.

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