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Electric Circus and Maggot Brain are good comparisons, but I latched onto it being a more successful version of Phrenology. It's just using as many hiphop techniques to make a record thats not hip hop at all - it's kind of this avant-garde anti-soul record. The sound is insane. I mean, the opening track is the first hiphop song that's ever gone for the Brainfreeze sound in a proper song, and the constant tone on "Twinkle" might be a fucking Godspeed You Black Emperor sample, and "The Healer" is a flip of a Yamasuki track (!). The lyrics don't really bother me - it's kind of a given that Badu is going to be off-base on a lot of things.

Phrenology is a great comparison, I'd agree with that. At the same time, I think Phrenology fails to match up when it comes to overall agreement across the board. While I can get a sense of the connection between "Me", "Twinkle"--everything has a flow, Phrenology always struck me as having more of a "singles" thing going. But that's me--I always preferred Things Fall Apart from them, and I get the sense I'm alone on that.

Nah, Things Fall Apart is by far the best and most cohesive Roots album. Rising Down is the next closest.

I may be biased, though. I think I know TFA by heart at this point.

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