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It wasn't good for me, either.

I was about halfway done with my own post on JLA 27 when I saw this pop up in my Google Reader. What do you call a not-Virgin Read?

I agree with you on the art, disagree on the story, and I wrote 2000 words about Kanye West and Ed Benes and Milestone over here.

"Shadow Cabinet" sounds less than impressive in Britain, too - over here it's the majority opposition party's team of spokesman/counterparts to the government's ministers. Does the JLA have a Minister for Fisheries and Food?

I'm sad to hear it was so bad, but not at all surprised. It's just so...comics.

Back when Icon, the Shadow Cabinet, and all that stuff was introduced, it was introduced in its own line, its own "universe." It was all black superhero stories done by black creators, only with one small difference - they were damn good comics. Icon was more about his teen sidekick, Rocket, and a major storyline was her pregnancy. It was *much* more interesting than some super-power fight, it was an actual bit of drama.

The really, truly depressing part is Dwayne McDuffie was the guy who conceived and wrote most of the Milestone comics line. But I've come to learn that's comics - people not only wear out their welcome, they become self-parodies.

"Shadow Cabinet" is generally (and in the original Milestone Comics, WHICH NO ONE BUT ME AND DAVID READ AND I AM A HORRIBLE NERD FOR BRINGING THEM UP AND BEING SO INACCESSIBLE) another term like "shadow government", for a group of exiled/opposition leaders. I can't find any reference to the china cupboard, but I assume it's real, otherwise you wouldn't have spent so much time making jokes about it.

As a big Milestone fan this wasn't very good for me either. But I just hope if the Blood Syndicate or Star Chamber end up showing up, you don't write five paragraphs of Virgin Read about how they sound like terms for medical maladies SOMEONE CALL DOCTOR HOUSE, AM I RIGHT LADIES?

I was also going to make fun of you for thinking that there were angels named Hawkgirl (and wingless angels named Connor) in the Justice League until I remembered Grant Morrison actually put an angel on the Justice League.

And I'm about to make fun of *you*, Chris, for thinking that Red Arrow is named Connor! One is Ollie's neglected son, the other is Ollie's neglected WARD. This is important!!


I think "Buddy and the Ass Girls" will be my new band name.

Are they both angels?


Man, do I wish the Justice League had a Ministry of Fisheries and Food.

It started as just a joke, but check it out:


I don't buy this title but one thing I'm sure Kendra is not an angel. Her codename is Hawkgirl... I don't really know the other guy...



(double ice backfire)

I'm going to go ahead and ACTUALLY EXPLAIN THE FUCKING ANGEL SCENE instead of dancing around it like everyone else. It really was awfully drawn, and although I see what McDuffie was going for...

Basically, Kendra's stuck with a millions-year-old stalker/boyfriend she gets reincarnated with every time they both die, because they're doomed lovers like Tom and Katie or some shit. So Kendra's trying to not bone him, but she can't stop thinking about him, so that creepy angelfucking page is a wet dream she's having about boning Carter, since they both have these wing apparatuses and, apparently, liked to bone in the sky. The other dude is Roy, who was best described by Douglas Wolk as an "inveterate fuckup," who apparently got offended that she wasn't having sex dreams about him instead of the creepy neocon stalker dude with wings, so he got pissed.

The storytelling, especially the art, could have handled this much better.

man, how did we end up in a world where so many smart people read this piece of shit?

comics are fucked up.

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