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You seem like a smart, cool lady. It's nice to have people like you around to keep dorks like me in check.

I remember a conversation I had with my friend Cole, who doesn't read comics on a regular basis:

COLE: So is Thor Marvel, or DC?

ME: He's Marvel.

Cole: And he's like, the god Thor?

Me: Yeah.

Cole: Comics are so fucking funny.

As much as I like comics, I'm of the opinion that comic fans are some of the worst rat-assholes on the planet and stuff like this is good for making sure I don't become one of those people who complain about Green Lantern's boot consistency from comic to comic(I've seen it happen- I've seen THAT EXACT SCENARIO HAPPEN). Because I plan on writing comics for a living, and the very last thing I want to be is another Brian Michael Bendis.

So-cool interview, and I look forward to more of them!

This was fun. Sorry I didn't ask any questions; I couldn't think of anything.

Oh, and my favorite picture was the one for Jog.

I was trying to think of other manga that Nina could try out, and how about Yotsuba? Buy that one for her, Tucker! And I always recommend Honey and Clover too, so there's another possibility.

Anyway, keep up the good writing, Nina!

Hey Nina! You deserve some sort of award!

I think the best column you wrote this past year was the one about the conventions being so bad. You were right, there's no joy, no fun, and there should be music and people so happy to be somewhere they belonged.

So, I went to a Kramer's Ergot tour stop in Pittsburgh, and it was *everything* you asked for and more! It was in a bar, there was music, and everyone was just sooooo happy to be there! It was like, "Oh, this is what it feels like to belong to something in comics...." It was *fun*!

I agree about the convention piece. This sort of thing is great when people are excited about it. I didn't notice too much of the drudgery at Wizard World Chicago this year, because I was pretty excited myself. Not so much to see Marvel's displays of whatever-the-fuck, but to meet creators I like and experience comics. And I think most of the people I saw were into it as well; at least, the ones I noticed due to their bright, silly costumes seemed to be enjoying themselves. Maybe the blah-ness is an East Coast thing; wasn't that convention Evan Dorkin complained about the Big Apple Con?

But yeah, people always seem stoked at the indie stuff I've been to, whether it was meeting Eddie Campbell or the Kramers tour. That's the future of comics, right? Well, for me it is.

Hey there, Factuals, this is a really great, funny, interesting piece, and a pretty nice capper for the year.

I just wanted to let you guys know that I really appreciate the work you all put into the site, so thanks for it. Happy Holidays and all that.

ALSO: I just about died when I got to Joe Mculloch: Friend of Horses. Well done.

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