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The population of Polynesians in Salt Lake City is less to do with Brigham Young football recruiting and more to do with the Mormons just converting a lot of Polynesians. Pretty much every college football team west of the Rockies has a dozen or so Samoans, Tongans, Hawaiians, etc. on scholarship.

(Only 7 months 'till college football!)

(I need new hobbies.)

Every recap of this Bad Girls Club I read, I find the whole thing more and more inexplicable, yet strangely alluring. I really don't ever expect to watch it, but holy shit do you make it seem like a train wreck from which eyes cannot be torn. I don't think the actual show could ever live up to the images that you create in my head.

But I do continue to insist that American Idol is pure evil. Run away from the dark side! Do not let it consume you!

I also feel it's bizarre that the four Cylons haven't had a self-pitying expositional breakdown to a human by now.

How does this column work? Can I request you guys review the worst written show on television, Fringe?

Man, please tell me you guys are going to be watching Heroes this week. I mean, maybe it's too much to ask for, but... I mean, come on, you love horrible shit.

Sorry David, Sharif--not quite yet, although we're working on expanding coverage, God Knows this isn't already longer than everything else we've done so far. But don't stop pushing! That's a sure fire way to get 'em included.

I don't know about Marty, but for me, there has to be at least some potential for pleasure to be found--from what I've seen of Fringe (very little) and what I saw of Heroes (the pilot), I don't think I'm the right guy for either. I didn't have any sort of reaction to them that could translate into something interesting/tragic to read--i don't care enough to hate, and i was way too bored to like.

From all that I've heard about Heroes though, it must have gotten really bad. I didn't like what I saw in that first episode, and that's the stuff a lot of people thought was good.

Fringe is like the X-Files, only worse. I caught the pilot and decided that I had better things to do.

I've been watching Fringe, so if you're looking for a guest contributor, I could write something up, maybe. Email me.

Thank you, Matthew. <3

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