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I think that if Final Crisis had even just two more issues to expand on what everyone is doing when, it would have been even better. I thought 7 issues weren't going to be enough when I heard that was how many they had planned and Goddamnit, I was right.

I still really really really like Final Crisis, though. But it's frustrating to know that it could be even better with a little more room to breathe.

Tell the truth-- did you get that Manhunter review from The Roots or from Mo' Better Blues? Doesn't change the point of the review, any, I'm just curious.

I feel like I haven't even thought of MBB in fifteen years, but TFA pretty much stays on the iPod.

I liked all of these, but the Spider-Man one was the best. There was a big stack of that issue at my local shop... I flipped through one, and it looked like the Obama story should have been one page, and somehow involved delicious Hostess snack products??

I'm really going to miss your Nightwing reviews after the book is shitcanned. Are you going to switch over to another shitty title (like something with the word "Titans" on the cover) or take it easy on yourself?

Man there was a time I would have hemmed and hawed over this column in the usual I-can't-rationally-disagree-but-I-do-anyway but now I just flat out enjoy it.

I suppose there must come a time where I become embarrassed by columns like these just as I am now embarrassed by superhero comics though. Am I maturing or just getting finicky?

Well, I still enjoyed Final Crisis.

All things considered, I think I'd still like to see the superhero comic book business razed to the ground, but it seems that everything is just an example of the suchness of life.

But yes, superhero comic books are terrible, terrible things.

Man, I know you're not into picking fights with creators, but I wish I could somehow get that Spider-man review to Mark Waid.

Just to see what he does.

You are in the zone, Tucker.

Yes, the Christmas break did you good, because you are fucking ON.

Every comics youre ragging on, theres at least 10 published this week alone that are worse.

And your rant on the Obama story is a tad racist too, douche.

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