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And they put a Ladronn cover on that Deathstroke book? Audacious motherfuckers.

Also, 100 Bullets - I see what you did there.

You sold me on the Ghost Rider book. You also sold me on the book where Aquaman saved Jesus from pirates. I think that's my favorite comic ever, btw.

And because I haven't been around to comment, I wanted to say I'm beyond thrilled Economist v Idiot is back! Best thing ever!

I see a lot of people jockin' on Slott's Mighty Avengers. Perhaps I don't understand the hate. Because let's just say perhaps Slott is narrowcasting on an infinitesimally precise wavelength which can only be perceived by people who love the Avengers so much their scrotum bursts into flames whenever anyone anywhere on the planet tries to imply that the Korvac Saga isn't the greatest comic book story of all time. If your antenna is tuned to that channel, you will think Mighty Avengers #21 is the best Avengers comic you have read in over half a decade. If you are really a dick, you'll say that it's the *first* Avengers comic you've read in over half a decade, because everything since they blew the mansion up and had Wolverine join has been illegitimate.

So basically, yeah, I loved it.

Man, I even LIKED Mighty Avengers and that was just fucking hysterical. Same goes for Superman Beyond and the Deathstroke comic(although I didn't read the Deathstroke one, because I heard that it was just absolute garbage). You're awesome, man. I'm glad comic book readers have their own one-man Something Awful.

Your reviews are, as usual, the best in the blogosphere.

Hey, there's no actual spoilers under that blacked out 100 Bullets text, you're just quoting Led Zepplin! And what's a townsila?

Pity you didn't review Dark Avengers, I would've liked to have seen your take on it.

q & as:
thanks for the kindness!

specifics: townsila is tonsils written in the dark. wutang!

Dark avengers: virgin read has that one.

Mighty Avengers: it never crossed my mind that this was a throw back to something. it should be acknowledged occasionally that i'm 0 for 500 when it comes to having read Avengers stories. I have Kirby reprints of Ant-Man and that's it. but i don't see how historical reference could fix the ugly weirdness of that female robot. it looks like somebody put an elderly woman in an iron maiden.

Hah. The funny thing is, Jocasta has been systematically ignored for over thirty years specifically because she's, well, an incredibly ugly and weird character.

Let that sink in: Jocasta is 32 years old.

You have no idea how accurate you are on the Mysterius front. But it's more DC than Wildstorm fucking things, at this point. Poor bastards at Wildstorm are stuck with a parent company that hates them.

Your Robin review was spot on. Your summary with the appropriate digressions touched on all the things that weirded me out when I read that issue and was all WTF? I am consistently amazed at the trainwreck that is the Bat-Family title of books (I feel weird even typing Bat-Family) .

Gee, heck, my second Justice League comic ever was JLA #98, the last chapter in the Starbreaker saga, published way, way back when I was ten-years-old in 1972 (when McGovern was just THAT close to changing the world). Honestly, I'm kind of looking forward to the new issue of Justice League of America. Guess that funky old fanboy in me is just gonna have to override the latest issue of 100 Bullets for a spell. Yee ha!

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