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A new price on Russian gas for Ukraine is about $230 for thousand cubic meters. Nobody will say more precisely today.

Totally beside the point, but: The single funniest image ever created containing Abraham Lincoln was John Kerschbaum's wraparound cover to the second issue of THE WIGGLY READER. His website has a copy that's ju-u-u-ust too small to be properly appreciated, but it's the largest I could find:


It's also the only drawing I've ever seen -- and possibly the only one ever printed -- that features Mary Todd Lincoln threatening John Wilkes Booth with a chainsaw.

Jesus, that Abe pic is something else. What the hell is a Wiggly Reader? I gotta track that down.

Here ya go:


It's Kerschbaum's old humor series... he did that Petey & Pussy book with Fantagraphics last year... stuff's great.

The article about what's happening to migration during the credit crunch was interesting. Reading about those Ugandan kids getting rid of their mobile phones (because they can't face talking to their relatives who desperately need money they don't have) was one of the saddest images of the current state of globalisation that I've seen for a while...

there would have been more "i love yous" ... more "i'm sorrys"... but mostly, given another shots at life, i would seize every minute... look at it and really see it...live it...and never give it back.

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