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Re: U2, what are you gonna do once the song grows on you?

Marty! I sooooo owe you an e-mail! I've been traveling like non-stop in the past few weeks.

Anyway, I have nothing to add here! lol I need to check out that RZA track because Ghostface equals an automatic instant classic anytime he shows up! Best wishes for 09! I look forward to a lot more music coverage on the Factual and I'll be e-mailing you once I get some free minutes!


I think the odds of that happening are pretty slim, but let's play pretend. If "Get On Your Boots" grows on me, I'll probably... admit it by including it on my end of the year mix?


No worries, my friend. You do need to check out that RZA track, though. The second time I heard it was completely out of context and I thought it was some classic Wu-Tang deep cut that I'd forgotten I loved.

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