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In terms of that Damages review...

Man. You guys are the masters of the backhanded compliment.

You need to review American Idol every week. I know it might kill you, but you remember how Queen and Country got really good when Rucka started writing about pre-9/11 taliban atrocities because they made him so furious? It's that kind of shit.

I too, am a big fan of drunk Adama. Especially Adama so drunk he drools on his son, which I believe was two episodes ago.

My favourite part of the Lost opener had to be the scene where we see that Sayid doesn't know how to load the dishwasher. Those huge-ass knives? They're supposed to go HANDLE DOWN, Sayid, unless you want to cut yourself, or you enjoy having my (I mean 'your') wife yell at you about it. Or, I suppose, unless you are the Arab world's answer to Batman and Captain America, and you knowingly put those knives in the dishwasher blades up so that you could kill someone in a really cool way.

I think it would please Marty to know that our old school chum just went on a plane ride where he convinced the various people he was with that he was the actor who plays Sayid on Lost, as opposed to who he is, which is the actor who played one of the terrorists in Munich.

Never, ever leave me, Bad Girls Club reviews.

I could pretty much watch an entire season of a show that was nothing but Olmos walking around drunk as fuck bashing people to try to get them to kill him. That scene was fucking riveting.

What sucked about Lost was that I thought it was only an hour, so I started drinking earlier, so by the time hour two came around I was too drunk to remember anything. There was some time travel and flaming arrows? Fuck you, Black Ice.

Embrace your American Idol hate. Do like I do, and yell at people in the office who discuss it excitedly the next day. Throw things at buses sporting ads. Scream in revulsion whenever a commercial comes on. (note: I don't actually do any of those things, but I do usually get mad at my wife whenever she watches it, and I insist on her turning it off if it's on the TV when I enter the room. Ooh, I'm so misanthropic!) It's a horrible waste of human effort in every way, and everything associated with it deserves to be destroyed.

And holy shit, this Bad Girls Club show sounds even worse, but your recaps are hilarious. I'll keep reading those, probably maintaining a sense of complete incredulity that this exists.

I also unabashedly love Battlestar Galactica. I even walk around on Fridays thinking, BSG! OMG!, or, I want to know what Adama is up to, like a complete dork.

I remember reading an article about how they are trying to make the spinoff series Caprica not as dark. But they've got it completely wrong. BSG is so amazing because it is so goddamn dark. And this episode demonstrates that quite well.

I've also noticed a phenomenon I will call "The LOST effect":

*Viewer turns on the television to watch LOST*

Viewer: This fucking sucks. I hate this.

*Viewer continues to watch LOST*

Yay, Bad Girls Club recaps are the best! I'm hooked on a show I'll never watch. Oh, and your American Idol rant was right on.

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