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Fuck yeah Charles S. Dutton is Batman!

Finally someone complaining about Mrs. Marvel's outfit. Was about time.
Marvel hired a fashion designer for Storms Wedding, but the remaining of the Marvel women are dressed like they shop at Barbies discount outlet

Barbie's fashions generally make more sense than what J. Random Superheroine ends up wearing. For one, the doll has no buttcheeks to ram cloth up between. For two, her costumes are generally designed by people with an actual grasp of fashion, who understand that painful-looking clothing ends up unappealing to anyone with a lick of sense or taste.

Great review! As a total non-virgin reader, my reaction was very similar to yours, with a little added "if only months of covers and previews and interviews hadn't blown every surprise in this comic". That's as much my fault as it is theirs, though.

Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiina!!!! I wanted you to review Uncanny X-Men Annual #2 with the divine Emma Frost playing Salome. Give me your address. I'll mail you a copy!


Moonstone is not spiritual. Karla is a sadistic psychiatrist with a mad on for evil. I have no idea why she was meditating.

Well, Nina, a proper longtime comics fan can justify ALL excesses. He (and it WOULD be a "he") would point out that Ms. Marvel is virtually invulnerable to pain, to heat and cold, she can't be cut, or scratched or bruised by much. She sure can't be chafed. She's exactly the sort of women whose clothes can crawl up her butt without discomfort.

It's probably an accident, like if she saved your cat from a tree and you asked her, "Isn't that uncomfortable, having an action costume climb up your ass?" she'd look over her shoulder and say, "IT'S WHAT?"

I will mention that Brian Reed writes a nice comic for her every month that isn't made to cross over with Civil Skrull Reign.

Guy Smiley, what? The book spun out of House of M, and has so far has 35 issues, three of which were Civil War tie-ins, five of which had the Initiative banner, six of which had Secret Invasion banners and now two of which are labeled as Dark Reign. That's 16/35 issues with tie-in banners - how isn't it made to cross over with Civil Skrull Reign again?

Venom is like the best bad guy ever because he hates Spider-man, he has a black costume, and that's about it. Seriously, with Venom, there is very little posturing - writers taking the character more seriously than they should. When they do take him too seriously, you end up with these weird comics where Venom will eat someone for not giving a homeless guy some spare change.

When Bendis is at his best, he's writing Powers. But when he still feels like giving a shit and has a year of Powers scripts piled up, he writes a pretty serviceable superhero yarn. The characters are clearly identified, do things pretty consistent with who they are, and there's an interesting story of some kind in there.

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