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Couple of notes, for anyone who reads these:
Having image trouble due to computer problems, should be able to get some better stuff in coming weeks. (Obviously Zeb is stepping up the game.)

Also, The rubicon is officially crossed--if Kayla is really returning to the Bad Girls house, this show just left the pantheon of shitty reality shows about the collapse of self-respect and entered the place where things like the Koran, Chuck Dickens and The Wire live. We're through the looking glass here people.

Matt Brady tried to watch Fringe this week and got really, really sick--I caught a couple of minutes, apparently the whole episode was a sequel to Todd Solondz' Happiness, with the Russian cabdriver showing up and teleporting into people's houses to steal their television and sing. Send him cards via the Factual Opinion's Chicago offices. No flowers, he's a Mennonite. Can't accept them.

Also, Nina wants to extend an apology that she wasn't allowed to go with her original BSG review, which didn't make it through editorial. Apparently is was going to be something where one would open the site and get punched in the dick by a Ruby based coding process, and then the computer's hard drive would send her your credit card information.

You've spent entirely too much time formulating in-depth opinions on the blight on modern culture that is American Idol. It's pretty insightful stuff, but that doesn't make me hate it any less. You seem to hit on what makes the show so successful, the interactivity and encouragement of discussion, so that's where I've tried to strike back, by getting people to stop talking about it. So far, I've been unsuccessful in my efforts (which mostly consist of informing my wife's sisters when they call her to talk that discussion of the show is not allowed in my house), but one day I shall prevail.

Lost is like that person everyone has dated; interesting, maybe a little overweight, a bit unfocused for their age. Your friends may not understand them, but they are kind of cool when it's just the two of you with your little in jokes and 'ah-ha" knowing smiles.

Like everyone, they have their hang-ups and issues and maybe that's not what you were looking for at the time. So you end it.

Maybe you just want something easy, Friday Night Lights looks pretty stable & reliable. Or Tru Blood, everybody has a trashy booty call they keep on the dl. Anything is better than John from Cincinatti, you took that one home and it smoked all your weed, got into a fight with your roommates and blamed you when it couldn't get hard.

You see Lost a year or two later. It's joined a gym, has a new focus and did some traveling. LA, NY, Tunisia- it finally got off that island.

Everybody's talking about how great it is. Have you heard these crazy time travel stories they were telling at the bar on Wednesday? Holy shit dude...you just had to be there. Didn't you two used to go out?

Then you think, if I just stayed, maybe wasn't so selfish, a little more forgiving, I could be fucking Lost in the ass right now.

That right there is why we need to run a "Best Comments" article at the end of the year, like we're Stereogum or some shit.

Matthew -

The only way to win with American Idol is to genuinely not care, and I'm afraid its too late for you. They've got you right where they want you.

Zeb -

What, exactly, are the answers we have that we didn't have before? Lost has merely shifted into a more action-based show, which is great, but 90% of the mysteries of the island are still unanswered--we just don't have to fixate on them every episode like we used to have to. In other words, Lost has simply shifted from a show about "WTF is going on?" to a show about "WTF is going to happen?"

Crap, don't say that. I'm trying not to care. Really, I am!

Actually, I imagine they would prefer if I actually watched the show, but for somebody who doesn't like the show, they would rather I talk about it than not. Okay, henceforth I will remain tight-lipped.

God, American Idol sucks.

Damn, that didn't last long.


(also Seth Hurley is the best commenter ever - remember when Patton Oswalt said Jesus would come back as a youtube commenter? Hurley is John the Baptist.)

Marty - The answers we didn't have before are Time Travel and Teleportation! (Not saying they're good answers, but they're suppose to shed new light on what's come before by changing the rules of what was heretofore allowable!)

I agree that there is less WTF episodes now, but I think it's because the writers are now hurtling towards a conclusion (rather than being pressured by producers to 'tease it out' in order to have the show go on forever - with an episode about Hurley having gas, or a redeeming round of make-shift island golf.. ) Episodes that don't push the major dramatic question forward usually tune a people out.

Here's a question: Anybody have thoughts about spoilers in a LOST review? Should I assume you've already seen it and go to town or leave some room for those who might be reading the review before they've caught the episode? (I hate spoilers personally and I'd hate to torture anyone)

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