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I don't know where you stop and Hannibal Tabu begins.

You do seem to have trouble differentiating clearly different entities. Like Zenith and Paradax for example.

The guy who runs the comic shop I go to told me the only way he can keep running the store and not slit his wrists is because he quit reading comic books. I can't imagine any better assessment of the current state of comics than that.

I buy RASL and a few Image books off of him (Kirkman written books and Madman). That's why I still go to the store.

Every issue of Ghost Rider smells like creosote & Boone's Farm watermelon and reminds me of finger-banging nursing students in the little league dugouts behind the hospital.

What's awesome about Magical Black Bat Penis is that the one character whose message anybody would be even remotely interested in seeing, Jason's, was dealt with just completely off-panel. So we get more of the same old "I love you you are like a son to me actually you are my son because I adopted you and wah wah wah only now can I show emotion as a hologram because I'm a drastically desperate pussy" and they just completely brush off the one message that could have some actual dramatic or storytelling potential.

I had the same thought when they threw that moment away, but in retrospect I wonder if it's just that whatever is said to Jason--which I totally agree is the only unpredictable thing happening, since I only care about Grant Morrison's version of Damian--might have something larger to do with Battle For The Pants. Now that we've gotten around (well, most of us) the general "why is jason alive again" stuff, i'm actually curious as to what his place in the whole bat-tapestry is going to be. It doesn't look like they plan to retcon out all the heads he carried in duffel bags yet, so yeah, i'm kind of on board.

Which leads me back to a place where, honestly, I'm not sure how disappointed I was that they didn't tell us what Bruce said to Jason. Because that means that Fabian would have been the one to write it, and it doesn't seem like Fabian is the guy in charge of the status quo--which means, whatever he wrote, it wouldn't have really mattered eventually.

I'd rather read a lousy issue of Justice League of America than endure a freakin' nose bleed at work. I'd rather endure Jason Todd's stab at manning the cape and cowl than accidentally stab myself while cutting a sandwich. I'd rather read a bloody issue of Dark Avengers backwards than ponder if I'll be out of a job tomorrow. Bad comics are great, because sometimes reality just plain sucks more. Keep up the good work.

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