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Did you read that Preacher special about Starr that Snjeberg drew? That was pretty fantastic, and I think he was inking himself. Everything else of his I've seen - which I think was just Starman and the Boys - has been awful.

I see so much potential in The Unknown Soldier for a berserk political action series but I don't know if that is going to happen.

I find the idea of child soldiers terrifying so I naturally want more of them. From those twin brothers that lead the God's Army, Children of the Corn, to Willy Wonka, kids are horrible little shits on their own, never mind armed groups of them.

The biggest misstep of the 24: Redemption movie was not having Baur & Begbie slaughtering dozens of kids under the thumb of the Candyman.

Snejbjerg has the most awesome name in comics. I love typing it.

Snejbjerg. Snejbjerg.

And seriously, Mr. D'Armata, I'm at the point now where I'm just genuinely curious what a Captain America story that takes place during the day looks like.

David, I'll bet you dollarss to donuts that daytime in the D'Armata universe? Always overcast.

He did the Starr one, of course. I knew I'd heard of him before The Boys stuff--looking at again, it's clear they were just trying to push it through as if it was Robertson's work, and it suffered. I think that was when Robertson was having to do Exterminators or Authority Prime?

And Seth--I don't know if much could've fixed the 24 Redemption thing. I think the only ambition was to just not be grossly offensive, to remind you what people's names were, and to spoil the future hamminess that is Jon Voight circa-every movie he's done in the last 15 years.

The title of this column reminds me of like a rejected title for the Liars' first album.

I just recently got my copies of the two-part Thunderbolts story (waited until the 2nd issue came out & then ordered both online so I could read the whole story @ once), and I had the same exact reaction regarding the Secret Service in the Marvel Universe.

Air Force One should probably be something more advanced, like an Avengers Quinjet, and instead of being followed by a couple of fighter jets, there should be like a fleet of stealth bombers surrounding it @ all times. And, instead of an "escape pod" there should be an instant teleporter onboard, to get the President to safety, if necessary. And the secret service agents should be decked out in something like Iron Man/War Machine armor, instead of just being the usual men in business suits, armed with regular guns (they should @ least have laser guns).

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