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Since you guys are three guys who know how to use the internet (and I am one person with no such knowledge), you should really create a youtube video with the title 'The Superman Song that Killed Darkseid', and then RickRoll the living shit out of anyone who clicks on that link. I would do it myself, but I can't live with people wanting me to die.


That Final Crisis review?

EPIC. That's the kind of thing I would read aloud to my friends, because I'm a douchebag.

That's pretty much the best FC review yet.

This post contains the best review of Final Crisis anyone has ever written, or will ever write. Discussion over.

Fuck, maybe Orion is just like his father.

I wasn't huge on Ennis' first Brokeback Mountain joke, but I'm pretty glad he followed it through to the end.

I gave up on Final Crisis after issue 5 because I couldn't spend money anymore on something I just didn't care about. It was the last Marvel/ DC book I was reading. My problem with FC in particular was I felt the series demanded the reader knew who all the characters were and gave at least one shit about them. I told FC I was fresh out of shits and FC told me to stop buying it now, because it wasn't going to get any better from that point.

I think GLAAD is more cynical than we suspect. I think they nominated that comic to be like, "See? A homosexual can get the same lousy treatment heterosexuals get in Big 2 comics! Homosexuals can be boring, personality voids with no meaning the same as heterosexuals!"

Honestly, I think it's cool we've finally reached a point where homosexuals can be written without walking around going, "Hey! I'm gay! Gay gay gay I say! What a wonderful day because I'm gay!"

Final Crisis didn't make any sense but I liked it anyway; jury's out on whether I'm a forward thinker or a complete fucking idiot. I'm unfortunately leaning toward the latter.

I'm digging the current story in Captain America because 1) Invaders and 2) it's the first one to really show that Brubaker, and maybe other writers could get years and years worth of story material out of Bucky as Cap. The relatively routine nature of the current storyline demonstrates pretty well that yeah, this set-up has legs. Ed has barely touched on the man-out-of-time angle. Machine Gun Bucky doesn't seem like he gives a shit, unlike Steve who spent every spare minute that he wasn't kicking people in the head sobbing into his huggy pillow. I guess when you've got brainwashed Russian assassin memories rattling around in your head Jason Bourne style, you don't have the energy to measure your lost years in the shrinking length of every passing skirt.

Basically the only reason I'd want to see Steve Rogers back now is for the scene where he finds out Obama is president. I imagine he'll be back to put a boot in Norman Osborn's ass sooner or later.

Oh, and what you said about Final Crisis. All things to all nerds.

Final Crisis, by darn, was great, your 'review' was great, but there's just too much goldang swearing in today's society, dagnabbit. Distracts from everything substantial AND insubstantial, for friggin's sake.

That makes a lot of cunting sense, dick-ass.

Hmmm...I see that your Final Crisis reviews have gradually gotten longer and angrier. Why did you keep reading it?

Wow, this thing hit a nerve.

Thanks to everybody for the nice stuff! You're all too kind. Bill, the cursing is just how these things get built--1st draft is always all cursing, eventually i go back and put in proper nouns and bad metaphors--I hate to say it man, but there's nothing substantial behind it. Just f-bombs and comic titles. Janna...i'm not really sure what to say to that. Because it's a lot of fun and Nina and I laugh for hours? Hey, there's worse ways to spend a couple of bucks, right?

Seth Hurley: I love you, and that, and you.

Cole: Yes! I don't even know the Invaders stuff, and I'm loving these little throwaway things. The more time drags on, the less and less I feel the loss of Catwoman and Gotham Central, and the more impressed I am with Brubaker. Such a smart writer. I know there's been some smart arguments against Frank D'armata's coloring being too extreme on the Cap series, but that portion in the rain, where Buck grabs that guy's legs--man, this is one damn good looking book.

And to anybody who hasn't already, check out Zack Soto's Secret Voice from Adhouse. He's too nice to tell you to buy it, I'm not, you should.

Thanks for reading.

I'm way late getting to this, but that long, long riff on FC was fucking awesome and goddamn hilarious. Kudos, props, and whatever other stuff I'm supposed to send in your direction (brownie points?).

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